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Director Park: Portland, Oregon - Plaza Paving, Water Feature, Signage, Stair Blocks, Oversize, Tactile Paving, Kerbs.
Stern Grove Amphitheater, Presidio Overlooks: San Francisco, California. Supplier to QuarryHouse Inc.
Water Features; University Village 1) Disc Fountain & Seats @ Blue C, 2) Room & Board Source & Cascades in Seattle, Washington
Residential Projects, ranging from custom ultra-premium to modest improvements: HA, CA, OR, CO
Commercial: Office, Hotel, Hospital, Transit Centers: Cladding, Paving, Water Features, Seating, Bollards
2006 Tucker Award, Stone Supplier, Rhoda Goldman Concert Meadow at Stern Grove, San Francisco
2014 Openings: Seattle: Amazon Block 44 Water Feature, Green Lake Village Fountains, Ballard Blocks